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I am Raoul Vercoelen, founder of White Coast Classics, based in Altea, Spain. I was born in the mid sixties in a small village near Maastricht in The Netherlands. To my opinion the sixties is the era of the most beautiful and iconic car designs.  

Even as a child I was interested in technics. I was always opening technical products to see how they work, and sometimes fixed them. I remember as a twelve year old, I already was repairing my dad’s Renault 4 brakes. Some years later a good friend of mine was restoring a 1928 Peugeot with cherry wood frame. I was impressed… Soon after I restored my first car, my mom’s MG B convertible. And many cars followed.

Now that I am living in Spain, I noticed that this area has very good opportunities to restore classic cars. The lower wages in Spain compared to the wages in The Netherlands or Germany, and the craftsmanship that in some cases simply no longer exists in other countries (interior work), make restoration of your car more affordable, whilst the quality management is under Dutch control.

Because of these good restoration conditions in Spain, I decided to follow my passion to restore classic cars with an eye for detail and originality within White Coast Classics.

Just call me on +31 –(0)6 53 846 059,  or send an email at info@whitecoastclassics.com to start your restoration project.

Driving the Stelvio Pass during a European road trip in 2019 in the 1971 Mercedes W114 250CE Coupe.